Hair Analysis

Hair Analysis

Trichoanalysis - Trichogram :

For those who are suffering from hairloss, we recommend hair analysis of the hair i.e. “Trichogram”- for absolute quantification of abnormal or normal hair fall.


hair analysis


hair analysis test

  • A / T ratio = Anagen / Telogen Ratio
  • Diffuse temporary hair loss
  • Diffuse permanent hair loss
  • Loose Anagen syndrome
  • Telogen effluvium


Keratin Levels

  • Keratin is a protein which forms the coating of a hair shaft. It gives shine and strength to the hair.
  • This analysis helps to determine the protein levels and thereby analyze patient’s eating habits.
  • Also helps in determining the structure of the hair.


This test helps us to determine the density of the hair which in turn helps us to know the following:

  • Hair shaft diameter
  • Degree of miniaturization
  • Response to medication
  • Growth after hair transplant

Sebum Analysis

This test helps us to measure the amount of sebum in a particular area by means of an applicator. It is used to determine the effectiveness of the used treatment and the efficacy of the shampoo involved. Over-stimulation of the sebaceous glands leads to an increase of the sebum production often seen in patients with androgenetic alopecia.